Lower rates through better data

Using the data you have provided, we give you the best rates for you. No fees and charges!.
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Delivering Our Work Safely

At BoroMe we care about your cybersercurity and the safety of sensitive information. Learn More about our privacy policy and terms of use

Bigger Loan Chances

Just because we believe in mutually beneficial relationships, you get access to higher loan amounts as you continuously repay on time. 

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Building a brighter financial future

We are committed to helping you build your credit history. So to increase loan credibility, we give every loan applicant a score sheet of rewards and a default score credibility of 100.

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Maintain a good credit score

What happens when I do not pay on time?

Oh no! We know this happens sometimes, however a credibility score of 20 and trust is lost when you do not pay on time.

What happens when your loan is overdue twice?

You will have zero credibility and your next loan will be declined. Meaning that you will have to earn our trust all over again.

How soon can i apply for another loan?

As soon as your previous loan repayment is cleared, you can apply for and receive another loan instantly.

Does my credit score increase over time?

Yes, it does! You get an additional credit score of 20, every time you repay your loan within the agreed time frame.

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